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IT Solutions and Services Provider

Factor H IT Services Private Limited, headquartered in Hyderabad, India, is a leading IT Solutions and Services provider. Factor H strongly believes in leveraging innovation and focuses on proactively building competency and providing cutting edge solutions built around the latest technology. Years of broad expertise enables us to provide our clients with a stable and consistent outsourcing platform in India with exceptional customer satisfaction.

Factor H is cost efficient; we leverage the power of the global marketplace to provide System Development, Integration, and Design at a uniquely affordable cost. We administer a global on-site off-shore delivery model to provide our clients with the best Return on Investment.

We offer a broad-spectrum of services, including - Application Development & Management, Cybersecurity Services, Systems Integration, Product Implementation & Managed Testing, IT & Business Consulting Services, Packaged Software Implementation, Quality Assurance, Re-engineering & Maintenance, Technology Architecture, and Outsourced Product Development.